The Westchester County Department of Correction has a national reputation as one of the most progressive correctional institutions in the United States. And that is no accident. We respect diversity and are committed to professionalism, accountability, integrity and compassion in all that we do.

As a criminal justice agency, we are also dedicated to promoting a safe environment for our staff and visitors. The primary task of our jail system is to protect the public and maintain a high level of safety within our institutions – consistent with legal mandates and our ability to provide self-improvement activity for offenders that is designed to reduce recidivism.

Although our job is to house incarcerated prisoners, I am proud to say that our goal is to educate and offer them positive alternatives to the destructive behaviors that brought them into the criminal justice system in the first place. From the day inmates arrive at our facility, Department of Correction staff develop plans to help them transition back into active society. Whether it’s helping them earn a GED, getting treatment for a substance abuse problem or teaching them how to control their anger, we are determined to offer help to each and every one in order to break the cycle that has repeatedly landed them in jail. Helping inmates to succeed not only reclaims their lives, but makes our community, and society as a whole, a safer place to live. And the latter truly is the ultimate goal - to provide a safer, more secure community for us all.

Our department is committed to maintaining national accreditation by the American Correctional Association (ACA), which aligns our policies and procedures with the “best practices” in American corrections. During the past three years, staff at all levels have worked hard to bring our department into compliance with a challenging set of performance-based standards that are designed to promote safety, security, order, programs, justice, and good management.

National accreditation is a milestone achievement. The Westchester County Department of Correction is the only large jail in NYS to achieve this status. In a 21st century world, our correctional system should reflect a safe and secure environment for staff and offenders, improved training and professional development for our employees, offender programming that works, and adherence to performance-based standards that minimize offender lawsuits and promote a new sense of pride about who we are and how we operate.

The corrections business is everybody’s business.

Kevin Cheverko
Commissioner of Correction
County of Westchester