The Westchester County Department of Correction (WCDOC) is the one of the largest county jail complexes in New York State. Our core mission is to ensure the safety of staff, offenders and the general public and to comply with all legal mandates, professional standards and ‘best practices’ nationwide. In doing so, our agency provides secure, humane, and efficient confinement of pre-trial detainees and sentenced inmates, while also ensuring professionalism, compassion, accountability, cohesiveness, inclusion and diversity. 

To support our mission, we have implemented the highest national standards into our daily operations, utilizing technological advancements and unique reentry programs that combat recidivism, streamline services and contain costs.

Recognized as a national leader by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC), our 200-plus policies comply with the most stringent standards for jails and prisons nationwide. Since 2009, WCDOC has maintained the distinction as the only large jail in New York State with dual ACA and NCCHC accreditation. Operating in this manner enhances overall safety, training, inmate programs and services and improves facility health and sanitation conditions for both staff and offender.

From the Commissioner’s office to our housing areas, each and every uniformed staff member takes great pride in our operation. Similarly, our healthcare representatives, teachers, spiritual care team, support staff and volunteers directly enhance our ability to provide a wide array of services to the population we serve. In doing so, we strive to rehabilitate inmates and combat recidivism through unique programs and services centered on education, vocational training, substance abuse, violence reduction, spirituality and a return to home communities. I am proud that our collective rehabilitation and reentry efforts have resulted in many success stories, where individuals have returned to their home communities healthier, more productive and prepared for future challenges.

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Thank you,
Commissioner Joseph K. Spano