Inmates are allowed one package every thirty days. The list below clearly details the acceptable items that may be brought in the package. Any person who attempts to introduce contraband into the institution will be arrested and prosecuted. We can't be more clear about this. As long as the instructions below are followed, your package should reach its intended recipient.

For your convenience, you can order an inmate commissary gift online.

  • Packages must be sent with return address and return postage guaranteed, or they will not be accepted.
  • No UPS, FedEx, or Express mail packages will be signed for by this department.
  • All items received will be subject to physical, electronic and fluoroscope search.  
  • No food items will be accepted.
  • No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or items the possession of which constitutes an offense under applicable Federal, State or local laws, or any article, which is readily capable to constituting a threat to the safety or security of the facility will be permitted.  

Toilet articles for men

  • Contact lenses and solution
  • Eyeglasses (prescription ONLY and plastic frames)


  • (2) Face cloths, white only, no full-size or hand towels

Religious items (1 each)

  • Soft-covered book (Bible, Koran, etc.)
  • Cross, medallion or other regulated religious article, no dimension larger than 1.5 inches
  • Religious head wrap
  • Small prayer rug, approximately 3 feet by 3 feet

Hobby Materials

  • (1) Drawing pad, no sprial bindings or other metal fasteners
  • (12) Colored pencils, non-retractable, golf size only, no crayons or magic markers

Court Clothes

  • An inmate’s existing court clothes must be given to a family member or otherwise disposed of before the department will accept additional clothes.


  • (6) T-shirts (white only), no tank tops, no pockets, no long sleeves, brand new in sealed package
  • (2) Pairs pajama sets, no blue or black, no draw strings, no pockets, no fleece, no ‘novelties’ such as cartoon characters or sports logos
  • (2) Pairs thermal underwear sets (white or off white only), no pockets, brand new in sealed package
  • (6) Pairs socks (white only) brand new in sealed package
  • (6) Underwear (white only) brand new in sealed package
  • (1) Pair shower slippers, no Velcro, no gel or air bubbles, no ‘Crocs’
  • (1) Pair sneakers, Adidas© or Reebok© brand only, black or white color only. Only sneakers comparable to those sold in the Department of Correction's commissary will be accepted via packages and must comply with the following restrictions. The department reserves the right to refuse to accept sneakers that do not conform with these restrictions. Inmates may only possess one (1) pair of sneakers and one (1) pair of laces at any given time. Additional pairs/laces will be treated as contraband and confiscated.
    • Only new-in-package Adidas© or Reebok© brand sneakers with a value of sixty dollars ($60.00) MSRP or less
    • Black or white in color only (including laces)
    • No removable inner soles, pockets, air pumps, hollow soles, metal or hard plastic of any kind (arch supports, lace grommets, etc.), gel/air bubbles or after-market inserts (i.e. Dr. Scholl’s © inserts or other orthotics)


(Note: All print materials must be sent directly from the publisher or a reputable online vendor, such as or This applies to all printed materials received by mail or packages.)

  • (5) Books, soft cover only
  • (1) Writing pad, no spiral bindings or other metal fasteners
  • (12) Envelopes, blank or printed postage only, no stamps
  • (5) Newspapers, no local paper
  • (5) Magazines/journals, no explicit magazines
  • (12) Personal photos, no Polaroids, no explicit pictures
  • (12) Greeting cards
  • (1) Walkman type AM/FM radio only (factory sealed) no metal headphones, no clock, no antenna or external speaker, no oversized headphones
  • (4) Batteries, any brand

After visiting hours, money and money orders only will be accepted at Post-1 for any inmate between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. Visitors are advised to mail packages whenever possible to avoid long lines at the facility.

Tobacco products are forbidden in packages.

Packages exceeding allowance will be returned to sender. Packages not returnable will be dealt with in accordance with applicable laws and procedures (including discard/destroy).