As a reminder, the Westchester County Department of Correction (WCDOC) records all calls placed by incarcerated individuals on facility phones unless the calls are made to phone numbers designated “private” or “Do-Not-Record.” These designations generally apply to incarcerated individuals’ attorneys and are considered “privileged calls”.

WCDOC contracts with ViaPath Technologies (ViaPath) to provide telephone services within WCDOC facilities. WCDOC maintains WCDOC’s Do-Not-Record List to automate the prevention of recording calls to private numbers. Unless and until a phone number is properly registered and the owner of the number has received written confirmation that the number is on WCDOC’s Do-Not-Record List, calls to that number from incarcerated individuals in WCDOC facilities will be recorded and/or monitored.

To properly register a phone number with WCDOC, please send an email to . Please include all phone numbers to be registered, Photo ID, Attorney Registration Card and a contact phone number should WCDOC have any questions, or require additional information.