Posting bail can now be handled three ways:

  • in person
  • over the phone
  • online through the Internet

Bail can be posted using either cash or a credit card. Read the instructions below to understand how to follow theses processes.

Posting bail in person
Bail for male and female inmates can be posted in person 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Westchester County Jail
The Westchester County Jail is located in Valhalla, New York on the same Grasslands Campus as the Westchester Medical Center. Use the Eastview exit Route 100C off the Sprain Brook Parkway. If you are using a GPS device, enter 10 Woods Road, Valhalla, New York.

To enter the jail, park in the visitor’s lot at Grasslands Road and walk to the entrance gate, Post 1. Check in with the correction officer on duty and be prepared to present a valid government-issued photo ID with a valid current address (No P.O. boxes).  Inform the officer that you want to post bail with either cash or a credit card.

Note: Only one person will be allowed to enter the jail to post bail.

Mandatory requirements
To complete the in-person bail process, the person posting bail must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Present a valid government-issued photo ID with a valid current address (No P.O. boxes)

Forms of bail payment
The Westchester County Jail will accept only cash or major credit card bail in person. All other forms of bail (i.e. a bond) must be done at the court of record.

  • Cash bail must be in United States currency only.
  • Credit card bail is accepted only for bails of  $20,000 or less. If the bail is over $20,000, cash may be posted to cover the remainder of the bail. The jail accepts bail paid by VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express. This service is provided through a third party company named GovPayEXP. Fees will apply. The cardholder is required to:
    • Be present at the jail with the credit card to be used
    • Present valid government-issued photo ID
    • Present a valid VISA, Master Card, Discover or American Express credit card
  • The person you are bailing out will be checked for any active warrants or other legal holds. This may take some time to process. If he or she has any outstanding warrants this may prevent the bail from being completed.

Posting credit card bail by phone or Internet
The jail now allows bail to be posted with a credit card over the phone or through the Internet. To do either of these, you must follow the two steps below:

  • Contact the Westchester County Jail at (914) 231-1020 to obtain the inmate’s JID number, the name of the court, the court docket number, the charges on the commitment and the amount of the cash bail set by the court.

  • Call (877) 392-2455 or log on to the GPS Web site to pay the bail. GPS will verify your credit card information and that the credit card has sufficient funds to cover the amount of the bail. Once this verification has been made, GPS will provide you with a six digit reference number that you will be required to provide to the jail so the transaction can be verified.

Important information relating to bail posted using a credit card:

  • All required documents will be filled out in the inmate’s name.
  • As the card holder, you will relinquish any claim to the funds you are posting and, by doing so, must agree that the funds will become the property of the individual who is being bailed out.
  • Specifically, cardholders must understand and agree that upon disposition of the case and/or charges against the defendant, any funds (i.e. the bail) that are ordered returned to the defendant by the court will not be credited back to cardholder’s credit card.  Instead, the funds will be returned directly to the defendant.
  • Credit card bails using the GPS Web site or by phone are limited to $2,500.
  • Credit card bails when posting at the facility are limited to $10,000.

Posting bail by bond
Important: The Westchester County Jail does not accept bail bonds.

Bail bonds must be posted directly with the court. There are numerous bail bond services in and around Westchester County. Consult your phone listings or the Internet for these services.