All visitors entering the Westchester County must be appropriately dressed.

Failure to comply with this rule will result in denial of admission to the grounds and/or the visiting room.

Department bathrooms may not be utilized as changing rooms and the department will not provide any garments or the means to alter any garments to comply with these following requirements.

No orange clothing anywhere on county jail grounds
No item of orange clothing may be worn anywhere on the grounds of the Westchester County Jail, including the visiting room.

The following items are prohibited from being worn into the visiting room:

  • Effective Sept. 15, 2014: Visitors must remove all jewelry before entering the visit room. Rings, toe rings, bracelets, watches, chains, and dangling earrings must be stored in a locker in the lobby. The only exceptions will be wedding bands, religious items, post earrings, and facial/oral/stomach posts. It is strongly suggested that visitors securely store any such items in their locked vehicles or leave them at home, as the department is not responsible for loss or damage of any such personal item(s).

  • Outerwear and hooded clothing:  This includes, but is not limited to, overcoats, winter jackets, hooded sweat shirts.
    • Exception:  Attorneys visiting clients on legal visits may wear suit coats.

  • Tight fitting or provocative clothing: Short skirts, short shorts, athletic shorts, tank tops, strapless or spaghetti strap tops, low cut/halter tops, see-through clothing, bare midriffs, bare feet, leggings and bathing suits are prohibited. Skirts and shorts may not be any shorter than slightly above the knee. No sleeveless or cap sleeve shirts or dresses will be permitted.

  • Headwear: No hats, headbands, scarves metal hair pins or bandanas.  Exception: religious headwear may be worn but must be removed for security inspection prior to entering the visiting room.

  • Ripped clothing: Pants with holes are not allowed.

  • Metal: All visitors must clear a metal detector unless they can provide medical documentation. Visitors are encouraged not to wear any footwear or garments (including underwire bras) which may contain metal, as this will prolong clearing the metal detector and may preclude them from being permitted entry into the visiting room. Other items which may cause the metal detector to go off include hair pins, certain head wraps, many kinds of jewelry, zippers and studs.

  • Tobacco, Phones and Mobile Devices: Visitors are not permitted to smoke, carry tobacco products or use cellular telephones or other mobile devices on the grounds of the Westchester County Jail. These items should be secured in your vehicle or left at home if you plan to visit.